The Head of the Neapolitan Mastiff

HEAD Short and massive, with the skull wide at the level of the zygomatic arches; Ample skin with wrinkles and folds, the most typical and best marked goes from the outer palpebral angle down to the lip angle. The upper longitudinal axes of the skull and the muzzle are parallel.

Skull: The skull is broad and flat, particularly between the ears, seen from the front it is slightly convex in its fore part. The zygomatic arches are very prominent, but with flat muscles. The protuberances of the frontal bones are well developed; the frontal furrow is marked; the occipital crest is barely visible.
Stop: Well defined.

Nose: Set in the prolongation of the muzzle, must not protrude beyond the outer vertical line of the lips; must be voluminous with large, well-opened nostrils. The color is according to color of the coat: black for black subjects, dark grey in dogs of other colors, and chestnut for brown coats.
Muzzle: Very broad and deep; the width is about equal to the length. The length must be equal to a third of the length of the head. The lateral sides are parallel so that, seen from the front, the shape of the muzzle is practically square. The depth of the muzzle is about twice as much as that of the length.
Lips: Fleshy, thick and full. Upper lips, seen from the front, form an inverted “V” at their meeting point. The lower, lateral profile of the muzzle is shaped by the upper lips; their lowest part is the corner of the lips, with visible mucous membranes, situated on the vertical from the external angle of the eye.
Jaws/Teeth: Powerful with strong jawbones and dental arches joining perfectly. Lower jaw must be well developed in its width. Teeth white well developed, regularly aligned and complete in number. Scissor bite, i.e. upper incisors closely overlapping the lower ones in close contact, set straight to the jaw, or pincer bite, i.e. upper incisors meet edge to edge with the lower incisors. The external margin of the upper incisors must be in close contact to the internal margin of the lower incisors. Reverse scissors bite tolerated. Eyes: Set well apart on an equal frontal level; rather round in shape but never protruding or too deep set. Color of iris usually darker than coat color, except in coats of diluted shades where the eye color is lighter. Skin folds never to interfere with the eyes.

Ears: Small in relation to the size of the dog, of triangular shape, set above the zygomatic arch, flat and laying close to the cheeks. The ears are natural.


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