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Feeding The Neapolitan Mastiff

At Cinciripini’s Mastini we strongly believe that the nutrition provided to puppies and adults has a great effect on overall health. Genetics provide a foundation but it is the husbandry that keeps your mastini healthy and fit. Poor diet can lead to numerous health problems which are unfortunately, often solely blamed on genetics. Owners and Breeders alike need to accept more responsibility when it comes to the rearing of their mastini. Anyone can purchase a Feeding rawbeautiful puppy with “potential", but it is the truly dedicated who take the time to provide a well thought out diet and stimulating environment to allow a puppy to reach its full potential.

A well thought out diet needs to be a diet which meets your lifestyle, provides fresh foods, supplements when needed, rotation of meat proteins and balance.

The ideal feeding regime is one based on a raw, fresh human grade model. We realize that not all households are able to follow such a disciplined feeding schedule, we recommend that you research canine nutrition and various feeding protocols and develop one that will work with your household.

Here at our home we feed 100% raw, modeled closely after the BARF feeding method developed by Dr. Billinghurst along with considerations of Lonsdale, Dodd and Pitcairn. Our feeding metholodology varies per mastini, each mastini's diet is modified as they develop, their needs change etc..for example two litter mates at two years of age may desire and in fact need slightly different methods of feeding. Don't expect your two four year old dogs to thrive equally feeding the exact same diet.

Feeding a Raw DietWe have feed in the past and recommend to familes a 50% RAW and 50% kibble, in separate feedings of course. Rotating your schedule a few times a year to provide variety and to take advantage of various ingredients which are of better quality and quantity seasonally.

50% - 60% RAW – Various terms & theories float about in regards to feeding raw; BARF, Prey Driven Model, Species Appropriate, any of these is better than a highly processed kibble alone. Our recommended method is to provide fresh meat, vegetables, raw bones and fruits on occasion, striving for a 60/40 split of meat/vegetable. For our raw we use primarily chicken, beef, pork, tripe and deer when available. We feed human grade ONLY, RAW ONLY with the bones. We also add vegetable and fruit to our raw mix.

40% - 50% Kibble/Pasta – The quality of kibble varies greatly, there are a few high quality kibbles on the market. We choose to use Solid Gold which is manufactured in California and uses only FDA and USDA certified organic and human grade ingredients, is a fair trade certified company and utilizing the highest EPA standards in their packaging and manufacturing process. Solid Gold is one of the few companies to list every ingredient in their foods, to list their source and certifications of every ingredient. Every ingredient including packaging material, exception of white fish from New Zealand, is from the United States. Solid Gold does not use grains in any of their formulas and has never been involved with the recent food recalls sweeping the globe. We have spent years investigating Kibble and there is not another kibble that meets the standards set forth by Solid Gold.

The other product we use is Honest Kitchen, also manufactured in California. Honest Kitchen is a dehydrated whole raw food. We use the vegetable formula to add to Raw on occasion, we also use the Beef or Chicken formula rehydrated as a tasty wet addition to the kibble. Honest Kitchen is a Human Grade Food as certified by the USDA, their packaging and manufacturing process recently deemed “Green” right down to the soy based inks, recycled paper and reclaimed cardboard they use for packaging.

Joe has a wonderful mix he Pastamakes once a month or so, for the dogs; pasta, pressure cooked chicken, vegetables, fish oils or other, bacon with grease, fried eggs, bread and other seasonal items.

In addition, we do use a few supplements which vary according to the needs of each individual dog. We do use Vitamin C on a daily basis and a joint supplement such as SynFlex, FluidFlex or LiquidHealth5000.

In addition to a high quality diet, we avoid over vaccination and prefer to follow a more holistic modality when treating our pets.

These methods have worked well for us over the years, we hope you find a system which will help your mastino stay healthy !

Choose Vaccines Wisely

VaccinesCheck with your local teaching hospital about the local protocol.    We follow a much reduced vaccine schedule and we do not agree with yearly boosters.  

Not all vaccines are created equal, we prefer Pfizer Vaccines.   Ask questions and research vaccinosis before you let anyone give your pet a vaccine.

Feeding Raw

Feeding RawWhen feeding a raw diet use only fresh human grade meats.  If you choose to feed raw and kibble, do so in seperate feedings. 

Fresh, raw bones only ~  cooked bones are brittle and can cause damage to your dog.  If you choose to cook your bones, you must pressure cook for several hours until you can squish the bones easily.

Feeding Puppies Raw

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